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Who are MARPA's members? Here is a list of MARPA Members.

How to Apply for MARPA membership:

Thank you for deciding to apply for MARPA membership!

To join the Association or to renew your membership, please complete the MARPA Membership Application Form and return it to MARPA@PMAparts.org.

New and existing MARPA Members can pay membership dues using this form. If you wish to use a credit card, simply complete all sections of the form and return as instructed. To mail a check, please include the form and send to the address listed.

Please note that the MARPA dues year begins on July 1st of each year, ending on June 30th of the following year- the current 2023-2024 dues year began on July 1, 2023 and will conclude on June 30, 2024.

Dues for PMA manufacturers are determined by company size or corporation size. You will be charged dues based on the number of employees reported to MARPA for the company or corporation wishing to be a member of the Association.  Please note that the reported company or corporation size is subject to audits by MARPA to confirm the appropriate dues level.  

Those who don't manufacture PMA parts can join MARPA in the category that best describes their support of the industry:

     • Supporting Associate Member - Companies that do not manufacture PMA parts but with to join to obtain the benefits of membership for their employees
     • DER Member - Designated Engineering Representatives who wish to join to obtain the benefits of membership for themselves as an individual FAA designee
     • Government Member - Representatives of a department of U.S. or international governments who who use PMA or are interested in learning more about PMA
     • Cooperating Trade Association Member - A trade association with an interest in PMA parts

Please determine which category best suits your situation and note the appropriate category of nonmanufacturing member when you complete the MARPA Membership Application Form.

Air carriers who use PMA or are interested in learning more about PMA, operate under FAA PART 121 or 129 (or international equivalent), who do not manufacture or produce PMA, and are not an MRO, are welcome to join MARPA as a qualified Airline Member. Air carriers who meet these criteria should complete and submit the Air Carrier Membership Form for FREE membership in MARPA.

If you have membership questions, please contact Katt Brigham, MARPA Sr. Program Manager - katt@washingtonaviation

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