2023 MARPA Annual Conference

MARPA Members -
Join Us for Midweek MARPA!

Midweek MARPA, the first Wednesday of each month at 5:00pm Eastern time

MIDWEEK MARPA is back! This monthly session is a fun, casual opportunity for MARPA members to come together for conversation, games, and "face-to-face" virtual networking held the first Wednesday of each month Wednesday. This informal, free "happy hour" virtual session is an excellent opportunity to see-and-be-seen by members from all over the world. Each week, MARPA is joined by manufacturing, air carrier, and associate members as well as invited guests from around the world. You never know who will be signed on!

Take thirty minutes a week to enjoy the opportunity to mix & mingle with other MARPA members and invited guests via chat and video on the AnyMeeting platform and join us for a fun gaming or trivia session on Jackbox or Kahoot.

MARPA Members- Midweek MARPA on the First Wednesday of the Month

Share your screen and virtually meet with other MARPA members, use AnyMeeting to chat with the group or one-on-one, or dial in to follow along and join the conversation. To join the trivia game, download the Kahoot app or go online and play a specially customized round of MARPA and aviation-themed trivia! The winner at the top of the podium each week is "crowned" so they can show off their knowledge about aviation and how it connects to the world.

MARPA Members sharing screens during a Midweek MARPA session There is no fee for MARPA members to participate in MIDWEEK MARPA. All employees of MARPA member companies in good standing can take advantage of these sessions Air Carriers, PMA manufacturers, DERs, MROs, and associate members are all welcome. Not sure about your companys member status? Visit the MARPA membership page for more details or contact MARPA at the email below.

Any questions? Do you need to join MARPA? Would you like to be added to the list to receive log-in information? Contact us at MARPA@PMAparts.org.

We hope to see you logged on on the first Wednesday of the month for MIDWEEK MARPA!

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