2024 MARPA EMEA Conference

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2024 MARPA EMEA Conference
MARPA Member to Member Carrier 1:1 Meetings

MARPA Member to Member Carrier 1:1 Meetings took place during the 2024 MARPA EMEA Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Thursday, May 16th

Sign-up prior to the deadline is required to participate in this roundtable-style session of meetings between MARPA member air carriers and solutions providers. All MARPA members in good standing are eligible to take part in this special member-benefit session. All meetings are scheduled and facilitated by MARPA and schedules are provided to participants prior to the Conference, so there's no worry about scheduling for yourself. While all MARPA members attending the Conference are eligible to participate, meetings are limited to those who submitted their request prior to the deadline of April 26th.

MARPA has scheduled meetings for you with the solutions providers you need and want to meet with. You can demonstrate to your management that you have meetings on the books for the event, and are assured you'll spend uninterrupted time with each. You can meet suppliers that are new to you, and welcome new opportunities.

Sometimes events can leave you feeling "peopled out", but your meeting schedule will include "breathing room" built in between each session so you can make notes and collect your thoughts. A maximum of two participants per carrier table is requested, but your team may host multiple tables to allow for the most impactful session possible. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new employee to your suppliers! It's also a chance to have team members from different departments split their tables to meet with more suppliers, and focus on each department's specific needs.

Take the chance to meet with current customers and those you wish were your customers, in a low-stress environment where MARPA does the legwork of scheduling for you. Spend a meeting timeslot with a carrier whose fleet is just right for your parts, who you are sure could use your DER services, or who would benefit from your wealth of knowledge as a consultant. Say hello your customers early in the Conference and be ready to answer their questions about your offerings during your scheduled one-on-one time. Eliminate the worry that you'll go the whole conference without meeting your customers. Demonstrate the value of attending the Conference as a MARPA Member to your management. Even one sale can cover your travel costs to the event and then some; there is clear value to all MARPA Members that attend the session.  Every meeting is an opportunity- carriers are networking with one another and discussing your offerings, so it's smart to attend every meeting on your schedule (even if they're not your usual customer).

MARPA Member to Member Carrier 1:1 Meetings are a benefit for MARPA members only. All categories and types of membership are eligible to participate within their membership category. Please note that all qualified air carriers registering to attend the Conference are members in good standing, provided with complimentary MARPA membership. All other members should contact MARPA with any questions about their member standing.

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