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2024 MARPA EMEA Conference

2024 MARPA EMEA Conference

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2024 MARPA EMEA Conference Sponsors

The 2024 MARPA EMEA Conference will be held in Amsterdam, NL from May 15-16, 2024, at the Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport Hotel.

MARPA cannot host events for the FAA-PMA parts manufacturing community without support from our sponsors! On this page, you can learn more about our event sponsors. Click on a sponsor company name in the list below to go directly to their information.

2024 MARPA EMEA Conference Sponsors


ADPma, LLC is the 1:1 Meeting Break Sponsor

Founded over 20 years ago, ADPma is a leading aerospace manufacturing group specialized in the design, engineering, manufacturing and certification of precision aftermarket replacement parts and components for the commercial & defense aviation industry.

ADPma is a lean, adaptive, and innovative company structured to respond quickly to constantly evolving market environment conditions and customers’ demands.

ADPma values and principles of excellence, integrity and passion permeate every decision we make and the actions we take. They are the driving factors which strongly contribute to ADPma’s success and reputation in the aviation industry. The most effective material processing methods and manufacturing techniques are applied to every part produced, regardless of its complexity, to ensure that it meets or surpasses its initial design and performance characteristics.

ADPma is uniquely positioned to support our global customers’ needs and help reduce the total cost of ownership of components with high reliability, cost-effective and available solutions.

Please visit us at to learn more about how we can support you.

Aviation Component Solutions (ACS)

ACS is an Event Sponsor

ACS is a leading supplier of OEM alternative parts. We realize there’s more to our customer’s purchasing decision than just price. This is why ACS seeks not only to provide the best pricing in the industry, but to create value using any means available to us. Stocking 100% of our inventory for next day delivery, offering eCommerce solutions for online customers, utilizing the latest data management technology, and offering the latest manufacturing / design solutions are some of the many methods we’ve adopted to create value for our customers. All ACS parts are FAA-PMA approved.

Please visit us at to learn more about what ACS has to offer, including our parts catalog.

Aviation Technical Services (ATS)

ATS is the Break Sponsor

ATS is an award-winning provider of MRO and support services for commercial and military aircraft. We are focused on making the MRO process better through reducing span times, increasing mechanic efficiency, and lowering overall costs through maintenance prevention strategies.

Airframe Services: Heavy maintenance and modification
Ranger Asset Management: Component part sales, consignment, and inventory distribution services available for virtually every commercial airframe and engine platform. Also includes asset acquisition and teardown activities
Component Repair: Providing repair and rotable exchange options for accessories, composites, electrical and fuel components, flight control surfaces, hydraulics, pneumatics and structures
Engineering Solutions: PMA parts, STC offerings, as well as design and repair engineering

For more information, visit


Chromalloy is Event Bag Sponsor

Aviation is where we started and where we'll continue to excel. For over 70 years, Chromalloy’s solutions have safely and reliably extended the life of aircraft engines and gas turbines, improving the economics of flight and power generation.

Chromalloy provides a broad range of aftermarket services and ranks as the leading independent supplier of advanced repairs for jet engine parts. Our innovative LifeX® repairs and solutions increase the yield of critical engine parts, so you have fewer parts to replace and realize savings on each shop visit. If a replacement is required, our FAA-certified and industry-proven LifeX parts, provide further operational and economic value.

Chromalloy has the experience and robust technical foundation to support the complexity of today's engines throughout the entire lifecycle. We provide our customers with timely, cost-effective, and proven repairs for turbine airfoils and other critical engine parts – repairs that extend the life of the parts and drive down engine maintenance costs.

With unrivaled in-house capabilities and a commitment to innovation, Chromalloy delivers world-class solutions and unmatched value to our customers.



HEICO is a Diamond Sponsor

HEICO Aerospace Corporation is a successful and growing technology-driven aerospace, industrial, defense and electronics company. HEICO provides customers with innovative and cost-saving products and services. HEICO's products are found on large commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, along with a large variety of industrial turbines, targeting systems, missiles and electro-optical devices.

HEICO Parts Group (HPG) is the world's largest independent supplier of FAA-PMA approved engine and component parts for virtually every engine platform and ATA chapter, holding over 10,000 FAA approvals, and producing more than 500 new, highly engineered parts annually. HEICO Repair Group (HRG), which supplies flight-critical repair and overhaul services for aircraft accessory components, such as electro-mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, avionic, landing gear and structural aircraft sections, is one of the largest independent component MRO and asset management services providers in the world. HEICO Distribution Group (HDG), through its Seal Dynamics and Blue Aerospace subsidiaries, is a leading provider of FAA-approved component parts, and a leader in distribution for OEM replacement parts for both commercial and military applications.

HEICO has also been ranked as one of the 100 "World's Most Innovative Growth Companies", "100 Best Small Companies" and "200 Hot Shot Stocks" by Forbes over the past decade.

Jet Parts Engineering LLC

Jet Parts Engineering LLC is a Silver Sponsor

Jet Parts Engineering provides alternative part solutions to our global network of airline and MRO partners. We help our customers battle their increasing costs of component, airframe, and engine maintenance with our competitive pricing, reduced lead times, and engineered repairs. We specialize in over 25 ATA chapters across most aircraft systems with capabilities to develop a wide range of part-types including machined and cast alloys, molded plastics and rubbers, glass and acrylic lenses, electromechanical assemblies, and many others. Our ecommerce portal gives immediate access to pricing, availability, technical information, and the ease of order placement and tracking. Jet Parts Engineering's staff is comprised of some of the best and brightest in the industry - our people are the best part. Visit to learn more.

Mitchell Aircraft

Mitchell Aircraft is A.M. Coffee Sponsor

Airlines and MROs looking to maximize their ROI on excess rotable and expendable material have benefited from selecting Mitchell Aircraft as their assets solutions partner. Let us take on the task of redistributing your surplus or excess assets. We will deliver maximum value to you, and we will relieve you of the burden of sales, marketing, transportation and credit risk. Are you an OEM or PMA manufacturer? Let Mitchell Aircraft expand your reach by partnering with us to distribute your products.

Our PMA selection offers airlines a unique combination of availability, reliability and affordability. By providing a level of service unfound in the industry, we take care of all client needs with a single point of contact. Working with us means airlines can avoid costly logistical issues and experience a seamless transition with every transaction. By using required analysis and test data, we prove each PMA part is equivalent to or better than the original OEM part. Visit to learn more.


Wencor is Lunch Sponsor

Wencor has been a global leader in the aerospace aftermarket industry for over 60 years. Through innovative and cost saving solutions, we have become a trusted partner to the world's airlines, MROs, OEMs and defense companies. Our fundamental focus is on lowering the total cost of ownership for aircraft operations, improving component reliability and increasing material availability for our customers. We achieve this by providing support to both commercial and defense aircraft utilizing authorized distribution services, PMA & SARS design and development, DER/component repair services, kitting, USM and rotable exchanges, as well as consignment and 3PL programs throughout our worldwide office and stocking facility network.

Wencor distribution and PMA development is a leading supplier of FAA-approved aircraft parts; allowing customers to maximize cost savings, extend on-wing time and experience improved part performance. Our MRO Centers of Excellence and Defense affiliates offer comprehensive repair capabilities, engineering improvement solutions, reliability improvement and worldwide accessibility; Absolute Aviation, Accessory Technologies, Aerospace Coatings, Fortner Engineering, PHS/MWA Aviation, Silver Wings Aerospace, Soundair Aviation, Kitco Defense and ASC Industries.

Collectively, the Wencor Group companies keep your fleet "Ready to Fly". Learn more or contact us at

Vogt Aero

Vogt Aero is Lanyard Sponsor

Vogt Aero is an aviation solutions company focused on understanding customer issues and developing the best cost-effective solutions. An FAA Production Approval Holder (PAH) with in-house DER support, Vogt Aero specializes in development and manufacturing of PMA Replacements, modifications, an owner slash operator produced parts. Vogt Aero supports more than 50 International Airlines and numerous repair stations throughout the world.

With a direct focus on electrical and mechanical systems and a vast network of capabilities to address other systems, Vogt Aero can support a variety of needs to develop customized customer solutions. Vogt Aero is dedicated to improving aircraft parts, providing superior aviation services, and is driven to make a positive impact in the aviation community.

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