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The 2019 MARPA Conference will be held at the Kona Kai Resort in San Diego, California frm November 5-6, 2019.
We could not do this without our sponsors! On this page, you can learn more about our sponsors. Click on a sponsor's name in the list below to go directly to their information!

Able Aerospace Services

Able Aerospace Services is a Gold Sponsor

Able Aerospace Services is a leading supplier of component and MRO services, and a global leader in approved replacement parts (PMA) solutions for a broad range of rotor- and fixed-wing platforms. This includes Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Leonardo and Sikorsky. Operating from a 200,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art headquarters and maintenance facility on the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona, we provide support to approximately 1,500 commercial and military customers in more than 60 countries across the globe. For decades, this support has included the delivery of highly trusted – and tested – PMAs that give customers an alternative to buying new, without sacrificing safety or performance. Combined with our broad catalog of FAA approved repairs and overhauls, Able provides more than 10,000 solutions that save our customers millions of dollars each year. We succeed through a staff of 425 aerospace experts, including 40 engineers and DER specialists. This experience and diversity has allowed Able to obtain PMA on critical and life limited parts.

Advantage Aerospace LLC

Advantage Aerospace LLC is an event Sponsor

Advantage Aerospace LLC designs , manufactures and distributes low cost, high quality reliable Modification and Replacement components. Specializing in Lavatory Water Heaters, Beverage Maker and Coffee Maker Components. Serving the Commercial Aviation Industry since 1996. Keen focus on quality, cost, delivery and value.

Aero Brake & Spares, Inc

Aero Brake & Spares, Inc is the Raffle Sponsor

Aero Brake & Spares, Inc was incorporated in April of 1989 in the State of Texas, in order to purchase and distribute aircraft wheel and brake components to the aviation community.
A gradual transition soon began, from purely distribution toward design and production of our own components, with our first forays into the Federal Aviation Administration’s Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) process. Our very first PMA from the FAA was received in 1992 for a rivet in the Lockheed 382 (C130 Hercules) brake assembly.
Since that time Aero Brake & Spares, Inc. has secured more than a hundred additional FAA PMAs in an effort to provide high quality replacement parts and support for our customers and partners in the aviation industry. As a smaller, specialized company we can deliver product support to customers in a more timely fashion than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies, and without some of the stipulations, contracts and restrictions imposed by such that may prove prohibitive to our customers.
Aero Brake & Spares, Inc. desires to produce a higher quality product for a lower price than is currently available to the market. We strive to provide more efficient customer service, quality assurance, and continued airworthiness on aircraft wheel and brake components.

Aero Parts Mart

Aero Parts Mart is the Lanyard Sponsor

AERO PARTS MART was founded with the goal of providing the following solutions to the aviation industry:

  • Parts availability and improved lead times
  • Lower cost of ownership and reduction to material costs
  • Improvements to design
  • Ability to work one on one with airline purchasing and engineering groups to improve operational reliability while lowering costs
  • Customer commitment that is unrivaled
  • Aero Parts Mart provides FAA PMA part solutions for the Bombardier CRJ 200-440, 700-900 regional jets, Bombardier Dash 8 and Q400, Saab 340, Embraer ERJ145, ERJ 170, ERJ 175, ERJ 190, ATR72, Bae 146, Avro RJ85, Avro RJ100, Airbus, DC-10 and MD11

    Aviation Component Solutions

    Aviation Component Solutions is a Gold Sponsor

    Aviation Component Solutions (ACS) is a leader in the PMA parts industry. A world-class engineering company, ACS designs, certifies, manufactures and distributes PMA parts for airframe and engine components and accessories which are used on all of the large commercial aircraft. ACS’s catalog contains over 800 PMA parts – all internally developed via test and computation covering many ATA chapters, including pneumatics, air conditioning, ice and rain protection, hydraulic power, power plant, engine starting, flight controls, landing gear and several more.

    ACS PMA parts are instantly available with order fill rates above 99 percent, the vast majority of which are shipped the day the order is placed allowing ACS customers to meet their TAT goals while keeping spare parts inventory to a minimum.

    Over 400 of the world’s leading airlines and repair stations count on ACS products and services. ACS Delivering the Difference!


    HEICO is a Diamond Sponsor

    HEICO Aerospace Corporation is a successful and growing technology-driven aerospace, industrial, defense and electronics company. HEICO provides customers with innovative and cost-saving products and services. HEICO's products are found on large commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, along with a large variety of industrial turbines, targeting systems, missiles and electro-optical devices.

    HEICO Parts Group (HPG) is the world’s largest independent supplier of FAA-PMA approved engine and component parts for virtually every engine platform and ATA chapter, holding over 10,000 FAA approvals, and producing more than 500 new, highly engineered parts annually. HEICO Repair Group (HRG), which supplies flight-critical repair and overhaul services for aircraft accessory components, such as electro-mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, avionic, landing gear and structural aircraft sections, is one of the largest independent component MRO and asset management services providers in the world. HEICO Distribution Group (HDG), through its Seal Dynamics and Blue Aerospace subsidiaries, is a leading provider of FAA-approved component parts, and a leader in distribution for OEM replacement parts for both commercial and military applications.

    HEICO has also been ranked as one of the 100 "World’s Most Innovative Growth Companies", 100 "Best Small Companies" and 200 "Hot Shot Stocks" by Forbes over the past decade.

    First Aviation Services Inc.

    First Aviation Services Inc. is a Silver Sponsor

    First Aviation Services Inc. (“First Aviation”) was established in June 1995 by First Equity Group to acquire National Airmotive Corporation (“NAC”) from Triton Group Ltd. In March 1997, First Aviation acquired the assets of Aerospace Products International, Inc. (“API” – formerly Aircraft Parts International Combs, Inc.) from AMR Combs, Inc., a subsidiary of AMR. API is located in Memphis, Tennessee. In November 1999, NAC was sold to Rolls-Royce North America, Inc.In 1999, API expanded into Canada, forming Aerospace Products International Ltd. In 2000, API expanded again, into the Asia Pacific market, forming API Asia Pacific Inc., and in 2006 API established operations in Shanghai, China.

    In December of 2009 First Aviation acquired Kelly Turbine Rotables, Inc. (KATR) the repair and overhaul subsidiary of Kelly Aerospace Inc., renamed Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc. (“AeTR”). AeTR is best known for its leadership in the overhaul and repair of landing gear, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components as well as brakes and hose assemblies for corporate, military and regional aircraft. Also in December 2009 First Aviation acquired from TAT Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: TATT) its wholly owned subsidiary Limco-Piedmont’s propeller overhaul division, renamed Piedmont Propulsion Systems, LLC (“PPS”). In March 2013 First Aviation sold the majority of its interest in API to Cleveland-based private equity firm Resilience Capital Partners.

    Today, First Aviation Services Inc. (FAvS), located in Westport, Connecticut, is a leading provider of repair and overhaul, rotables management and related engineering services to the aviation industry worldwide. FAvS’s principal operating subsidiaries are Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc. (AeTR) located in Wichita, Kansas and Addison, Texas, Ev?lution Aerospace, Inc. in Wichita, Kansas and Piedmont Propulsion Systems, LLC (PPS)in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

    Jet Parts Engineering LLC

    Jet Parts Engineering LLC is a Gold Sponsor

    Since 1994, Jet Parts Engineering has built a reputation as a high quality FAA-PMA parts supplier. We always ensure high value and excellent customer service while supplying PMA parts to clients such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Lufthansa, and United Airlines, as well as repair stations around the world. Quality control and quality assurance are held to the highest standards, and our engineers and technicians have a wealth of aerospace and manufacturing experience. The goal of Jet Parts Engineering has always been to provide our MRO partners with accessible and easy alternatives to OEMs. We carry all of our parts in stock and can ship within twenty-four hours. Our employees are here to serve you, our customer.

    We are certain that Jet Parts Engineering’s product value and customer service will exceed your expectations!  Visit us at www.jetpartsengineering.com

    R&D Dynamics

    R&D Dynamics is a Gold Sponsor

    R&D Dynamics was founded in 1990. The company’s founder Dr. Giri Agrawal pioneered the design and development of high speed rotating machines supported on foil air/gas bearings for air cycle machines in the 70’s and 80’s while working at Honeywell and Hamilton Sundstrand. As Chief Project Engineer at Hamilton Sundstrand, he received the “George Mead Medal”, the highest technical award from the parent company United Technologies Corporation. He was also cited as the “Father” of the Hamilton Sundstrand Air Bearing Program. The foil bearing designs developed by Dr. Agrawal are used even today for air cycle machines of all modern civil and military aircraft.

    Dr. Agrawal’s vision for the new company was to extend foil bearing technology to rotating machines other than air cycle machines, and that is the mission of R&D Dynamics Corporation.

    R&D Dynamics is pursuing all three classes of turbomachinery for design, development and manufacturing. In addition to developing and manufacturing turbomachinery R&D Dynamics invests heavily in research and development for advancing its core technologies. R&D Dynamics holds an extensive portfolio of patents and proprietary processes pertaining to foil bearings and turbomachines.

    Vogt Aero

    Vogt Aero is a Water Bottle Sponsor

    Vogt Aero is an aviation solutions company focused on understanding customer issues and developing the best, cost-effective solutions.  An FAA Production Approval Holder (PAH) with in-house DER support, Vogt Aero specializes in development and manufacturing of PMA replacements, STC modifications, and owner/operator produced parts.  Vogt Aero supports more than 50 international airlines and numerous repair stations throughout the world.

    With a direct focus on electrical and mechanical systems and a vast network of capabilities to address other systems, Vogt Aero can support a variety of needs to develop customized customer solutions.  Vogt Aero is dedicated to improving aircraft parts, providing superior aviation services, and is driven to make a positive impact in the aviation community. vogtaero.com


    Wencor is a Gold Sponsor and Bag Sponsor

    Wencor is a global aerospace industry leader that provides PMA design, CMM and DER repairs, and distribution solutions to airline operators, repair stations, manufacturers, and militaries around the world. Corporate affiliates include: Wencor, Dixie Aerospace, Aerospace Coatings International, Soundair Aviation Services, Absolute Aviation Services, Flight Line Products, Xtra Aerospace, and Kitco Defense. Wencor is headquartered in Utah with offices in Atlanta, Amsterdam, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Miami, Seattle, Birmingham, and Southern California. For more information, please visit www.wencorgroup.com.

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